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We will try and post some hints and tips on caring for your Irish.

Maintenance and Grooming of the Coat
The Irish Terrier has a double coat which gives them an all weather coat and protects against water. It is a harsh coat and to maintain it you strip the top coat out twice a yearto get the next coat to come through. The best way to do this is with a 'Mikki' knife (red handle) or a 'Mars Coat King' (16 blade), alternatively you can use a rubber glove and 'roll' the coat.

By stripping the dogs coat it encourages the new hair to come through and maintains the coarseness of the coat. If the coat is cut with scissors or clippers the dead hair is left in the coat and it will turn soft and whiten. We only scissor around the feet, the underbelly and around the genital area. If you brush the coat regularly you will pull out hte dead hair and maintain a harsh coat with a depth of colour.


















2006 Shannawonna Irish Terriers

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