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The Irish Terrier is a remarkably good tempered breed of dog, especially with humans, but that said they may resent interference from other dogs with their masters or family. They have been called 'The Dare Devils' due to a reckless, heedless streak inside them that will see them rush headlong into an adversary blind to all consequences.

When 'off duty' they love nothing more than being with their family and the strong relationship they build with their master can be seen when they will timidly push their heads into their masters hand. They are a medium sized dog with a height of approximately 18 inches (45 cm) at the shoulder and weigh approximately 12 kg. They have a hard and wiry coat that is red to golden in colour and sometimes may have a touch of white on the chest or feet.

The general build of an Irish is streamlined and muscular with a long head, body and legs put into a package that displays a lithe and graceful breed built for speed and power.

Even though they have a fearless nature the Irish is essentially a happy natured dog with a great sense of humour and is very much family orientated.

















2006 Shannawonna Irish Terriers

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