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We have been involved with Irish Terriers now for some years and ever since we saw a photo of 2 smiling Irish Terriers they will always hold a special place in our hearts mainly due to their affectionate, playful and family orientated nature. We just love terriers and with the Irish not being too big or too small with a happy and intelligent disposition which makes them easier to train they have become the dog of choice for us.

They love children and people in general but will bark to alert you that a stranger is around which was a comfort after we had encountered an intruder at our house and our family dog at the time did not bark at all. After some research and finding out about the qualities of the Irish Terrier we welcomed our first Irish into our family and have never looked back. Laigin Legend Ov Erin - or Rosie to us - proved to be everything we wanted in a family dog, she barked at strangers and loved to play with our 4 children. Rosie was a part of our family for 13 years and blessed us with 2 generations of puppies of - 3 of which we still own.

Irish Terriers socialize well with other dogs but still have that typical terriers nature and if provoked will not back down when threatened. These dogs have a very soft mouth and prefer to bark to warn rather than bite. Every person you accept into the house they accept but as said before will warn you if a stranger is about.

We believe that once you have experienced the love and fun times an Irish Terrier will give you and your family you will never want another breed of dog!

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